Bee pollen from Bees partners from Denmark
Bee pollen is the ball is collected by bees when they latch onto a particular flower, carrying bees these balls on their legs on a return trip to the bee hive, the store then place a special and used in the manufacture of the so-called bread bees, which is the foundation of food for bees in the cell .

There is a special type of bees are keen to collect pollen from the bees to the hive through they that went put some kind of barrier at the entrance attached to the existing grain balls on the legs of bees during their entry to the cell

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Weight 1000 g



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Pollen from the Bees partners of Denmark is collected from the natural forests of Denmark or pollen is flower pollen, which is the powder found in flowers, this powder is attached to the hair on the body of the bee and there are pockets on the back of the bee called the pollen basket.

The bee collects what is suspended in its body of this powder in those pockets and brings it to the hive, and in the hive there are special traps for pollen grains in which the latter collects and then is extracted from the hive.

It is considered an ideal food, as it contains 18 vitamins, more than 25 minerals and thirty percent of amino acids, as well as sugars. It can be used as a food supplement because of its richness in essential nutrients. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory drug, according to a recent American study. It is also believed to have an antidepressant effect.

Pollen grains consist of: 1- Water 10-12%. 2- Sugars 35%. 3- Fat is 5%. 4- Proteins 35% and have a large proportion of amino acids. 5- Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E. 6- Minerals such as: calcium, chlorine and magnesium up to 28 elements. Pollen contains a large number of enzymes and yeasts. And also on some other items. Such as rubin, which is included in the composition of the capillaries and increases the strength of the adhesion of its cells to each other.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g


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