Propolis cleanser

Propolis is produced by bees on trees, leaves and twigs. It is brown in color and sticky in texture, and its type can vary depending on the location of the bees and the trees and flowers in which they are located.

Ancient civilizations used propolis for thousands of years in many medical fields such as treating wounds and tumors, and the Egyptians also used it to embalm mummy.

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Weight 1000 g



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Propolis is collected from bees partners in Denmark

Propolis consists of a group of substances that make it a necessary compound for many health problems, including. The proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. And flavonoids. And resinous materials with a percentage ranging from (50%-70%). Wax material (30%-50%). A percentage of volatile essential oils. and 5% pollen.

What are the benefits and uses of propolis? There are many health benefits that you derive from using propolis, including controlling blood sugar levels and thus reducing the possibility of diabetes. And help treat minor burns and prevent infections. And work to improve oral health after surgery, and reduce pain, ulcers and inflammation of the mucous membrane, especially after undergoing chemotherapy sessions for cancer. And prevent infection with aphthous oral fungi. Reducing athlete’s foot problems. And reduce upper respiratory infections, colds and influenza. And prevention of vaginal swelling. And get rid of annoying warts. and improve the immune response. And the prevention of cancer of the nose and throat. And treatment of colon problems. And protection from stomach and intestinal disorders. and prevention of tuberculosis. and reduce the effects of wounds.

Side effects and special warnings when using propolis? Propolis is generally considered safe when used in the required quantities, but there are some cases that must be taken care of when using propolis, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, and where there is no clear evidence about the safety of using propolis in case of pregnancy and lactation, so it is preferable to stay away from it during those periods. Asthma and some experts believe that there are some chemicals that may make asthma worse, so it is preferable not to use propolis in that case.

Bleeding cases: There is a chemical in the propolis that slows down the blood clotting process, so the propolis may cause the condition to get worse. And if you are allergic to honey and bee products, you should stay away from using propolis to avoid annoying allergies.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g


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