Royal bee

Royal bee means Concentrate – Freeze Dried, Pure, Natural
Considered royal jelly bee-like white produced from bees known as royal jelly or royal jelly name and contains many important nutrients to the body so many provides health benefits and addresses a lot of stomach problems, indigestion, and many others of health benefits provided by the royal jelly that.

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Weight 1000 g



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Royal bee from Bees partners of Denmark is a more concentrated natural powder resulting from royal jelly, which is known as a milky sour secretion. It tastes strong, smells strong, is yellow in color, and is gelatinous. It is secreted by bees between six and twelve days from the pharyngeal glands in the head and passes In direct side channels to the channel that opens from the mouth, young workers and males feed with it for no more than five days, while the queen feeds on it throughout her life, which may reach six years.

The therapeutic properties of royal jelly powder are many, including.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g


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