Royal Jelly Powder

Royal Jelly Powder Concentrate – Freeze Dried, Pure, Natural
Considered royal jelly bee-like white produced from bees known as royal jelly or royal jelly name and contains many important nutrients to the body so many provides health benefits and addresses a lot of stomach problems, indigestion, and many others of health benefits provided by the royal jelly that.

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Weight 1000 g



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Royal jelly powder from partners of bees in Denmark is a more concentrated natural powder resulting from royal jelly, which is known as a milky sour secretion. It tastes strong, smells strong, is yellow in color, and is gelatinous. It is secreted by bees between six and twelve days from the pharyngeal glands in the head and passes In direct side channels to the channel that opens from the mouth, young workers and males feed with it for no more than five days, while the queen feeds on it throughout her life, which may reach six years.

The therapeutic properties of royal jelly powder are many, including.

Royal jelly powder is considered one of the best treatments for many diseases and infections affecting the human body, which will be summarized here:

The body gains strength and activity. It helps open appetite and strengthens the immune system against many diseases. And improves the normal level of blood. And treats all kinds of anemia, such as iron deficiency. It regulates the menstrual cycle in women. And prevents atherosclerosis in the elderly. It resists asthma and bronchitis. It treats kidney inflammation and stomach ulcers and treats bile disease. And improves the growth of children naturally if used with bee pollen. And increases the sexual ability of men. It lowers blood cholesterol and removes harmful fats. It renews and rebuilds damaged body cells. It positively affects high blood pressure. It increases female hormones. It reduces the symptoms of aging diseases. It reduces pain before and during menstruation. It prevents sagging of the body and the appearance of white lines. Increases youth, resists facial wrinkles and smoothes the skin. It enhances the secretion of the mammary glands in women. It fights all types of diabetes. It treats duodenal ulcer if used with palm pollen and treats prostatitis. It compensates for nutritional deficiencies and improves clarity of mind. It fights leukemia. Impotence is treated with the herb ginseng. It helps treat infertility in women and men because it significantly increases fertility. It reduces menopause (early menopause). And some scientific experiments in the United States and Japan indicate that the use of royal jelly powder or liquid has an estrogenic effect in treating all menstrual disorders in women, especially if pollen and vitamin C are taken with it. Royal Bee powder in doses ranging between 50 mg/day and 100 mg/day leads to positive results in treating and reducing harmful blood fats (cholesterol) and increasing the beneficial ratio of nature.

Warning: It should not be used by pregnant women or women who intend to become pregnant, as well as nursing mothers and children. This product, like other bee products, there are those who are allergic to it in a small proportion among humans, so it is preferable to try a small amount before use.

And if a person takes it and notices any allergic symptoms, whether itching, redness of the skin, shortness of breath, nausea and dizziness, he stops taking it directly.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g


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