Who are we

Denmark ranks first in the world according to the Environmental Performance Index since it was launched in the United States of America. It ranks countries according to their environmental performance using the latest available data for a full year.

This indicator indicates the extent of the purity and cleanliness of the Danish nature, completely free of industrial pollutants and pesticides, which are prohibited by the Danish government, which greatly helps to produce the purest and best types of natural honey and honey bee products.

The bees we keep at bees partners, feeding from the natural forests of Denmark,
In the nature reserves sponsored by the Danish Kingdom, we collect honey and honey bee products for you.
Our goal is to protect nature, protect the health of bees and protect the continuity of fruit diversity.
Honey bees are very important to humanity and the variety of fruits and vegetables is only the result of the hard work of honey bees to carry out the pollination process. About 80% of all our crops depend on pollination by bees. Therefore, the increase in bee mortality rates in recent years is a matter of great concern to us.
The goal of bees partners is to improve the health of bees and increase their numbers in the world.
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