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How to collect honey from a beehive?

What are the basics of honey extraction?

Have you ever wanted how to collect honey from a behive?

How to collect honey from a beehive

In this Article we will see the steps to collect honey

Honey is collected in two main forms: honeycombs and honey can be extracted. Honeycomb is a type of honey collected by bees. Bee jam collects tablets filled with honey. The whole tablet and the honey inside is edible, delicious, nutritious and can be sold at high prices. Concomitant, the combination of this style of unions. Honey time, most of the time new beekeepers rely on the natural honey extraction process years, before attempts to collect honeycombs.

What is the way to collect honey?

How to collect honey from a beehive

Honey extraction is the process by which we collect honey from honeycombs sealed with mature honey. Moving on, choose ready-to-collect tires. Broadcasting the bees away and moving those tires indoors where honey or other insects cannot be dissolved. Then move it softly with a knife or other tool to remove the wax from the tire. Next, we place ads in the honey extractor. The honey extractor from the device he uses, integrates with each other.

Calculations about honey extraction while you collect honey

The beekeeper decides how many honeycombs (and which ones) to remove. Beekeepers are left from 44 pounds (20 kg) per hive in temperate climates to up to 130 pounds (60 kg) in areas with harsh winters, until the colony acclimatizes to lack of food problems, bad weather or drought. Acknowledgment, correction, sending, photographing, photographing, photographing, photographing. In general beekeepers usually choose a tire, and a tire cover on the air. To have a disc ready to be ready to listen to the surface of a disc, that is to say it can be a disc ready to go, for you to have a complete disc surface. If we still want to continue extracting such a framework, our end product will be more like a watery drink and not like honey. After many years of honey, some cells can be present in some cells.

Ways to approach the beehive and collect honey

How to collect honey from a beehive

Bees are very defensive against intruders. The smell is strong and the fragrance makes the bees more aggressive. It is a good idea as a beekeeper to buy perfume, especially on the day of collecting honey. The truth is, wearing a pregnant woman we start with beehive smoking (this may not be allowed in some countries). This is to calm the bees. We can only put fir leaves in the chimney – nothing poisons. It has been found that the smoker calms the bees, as it allows the honeybees to quickly spread “alarming” pheromones, declaring that “we have an intruder in our colony and we must attack.” You get the bees, you get the right, you get the right, you get the right to get this bee.

We can leave inside the empty hives for a few days, before the honey spoofs.

How to collect honey from a beehive

We put the tires in the seats to remove the crusts. Then we have to cut the roofing wax out of the tires, otherwise the honey is “trapped” inside the cells and cannot be extracted. We can use an electric scraping knife or any other tool to remove wax and no

Honeycomb cells are destroyed. If the knife is heated, the whole process of dewaxing will happen more easily and smoothly

We do the same for all the tires and then we transfer them to the honey extractor. We start the honey extractor at a low speed until it starts to make a lot of honey and we gradually speed it up, then stop and change the tires on the other side, and so on.
Once you have finished extracting the honey, turn on the tap and allow the honey to pass through a strainer into the honey pots. The filter is used to separate the raw honey from other materials (small pieces of wax) that may still be present. We can store honey until it is consumed or sold. Honey is always stored in tightly closed jars, where it can absorb moisture from the air and ferment.

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